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 CNC machining center

CNC machining center


Gantry machining center

Water grinder

                 Standard parts workshop

Mould base line

CNC lathe

a摇臂钻.jpg                       Radial drill

CNC cylindrical grinding machine


CNC lathe with inclined guide rail

CNC lathe

A corner of the workshop

Production site


Foreign visitors

Cubic dimension

Quadratic element


Quality control room


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The company has more than 10 CNC machining centers, including 3 gantry machining centers, 4 large water grinders, 5 radial drilling machines, 3 milling machines, 10 CNC lathes, 5 conventional lathes, 5 cylindrical grinders, 3 internal grinding machines, 3 grinding machines, 8 small surface grinding machines, 4 centerless grinders, 6 punch machines, and other machines. There are three-dimensional, two-dimensional, projector, hardness tester, micrometers of various specifications, inner diameter dial indicator and various gauge blocks and plug gauges.

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