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   Kunshan Zhongxin precision mold standard parts Co., Ltd. is located in the national Kunshan high tech Zone, adjacent to Shanghai in the East and Suzhou in the West. The Shanghai Nanjing Expressway runs through the urban area, and the traffic is very convenient. The company was founded in 2003, there are more than 60 kinds of mold standard parts design, manufacturing and management personnel, including 10 engineering and technical personnel, more than half of intermediate and above skilled technical workers. With a variety of modern large-scale machining center machine tools, high-precision water mill and other special equipment, a variety of new precision detection instruments. The main products are: specialized in manufacturing large precision steel plate die base, motor stator and rotor iron core cemented carbide progressive die seat, motor shell drawing progressive die seat, EI iron core cemented carbide progressive die seat, new energy automobile motor and various parts mold base, specialized in supporting the mold manufacturers of mechanical and electrical punching. With advanced international standards (punch, Misumi, etc.).

 Zhongxin precision; large precision motor mold base enjoys considerable popularity in China.

  Since its establishment, the company has adhered to the business strategy of "focusing on internal management and external market"; it has carried out the quality policy of "starting from customer demand and finally customer satisfaction"; adhering to the philosophy of "being virtuous and behaving in advance"; advocating the innovative spirit of "continuous innovation"; it has passed the "GB / T 19001-2016 / ISO 9001:2015" quality management system certification. It has won the safety production standardization certificate issued by Jiangsu private science and technology enterprises, Kunshan science and technology R & D institutions, Jiangsu high-tech enterprises and State Administration of work safety. Meanwhile, it has obtained 11 patent certificates and 15 patent certificates to be applied for.

    We have achieved the continuous improvement of product quality level with a serious and realistic working attitude and a positive and enterprising spirit of innovation, and won the satisfaction of customers and the respect of peers.

Kunshan Zhongxin precision mould standard parts Co., Ltd

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Kunshan Zhongxin precision mould standard parts Co., Ltd

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